About Us

Power of Women Exchange is a company of professional women, dedicated to providing the tools necessary to help other women make the changes in their lives and achieve the success, that they desire.

Power of Women Exchange offers it’s members more then just networking – we offer:

  • support
  • education
  • guidance
  • friendship
  • business
  • tools
  • showcasing your buisness
  • growth; and more!

How do we do that?

This goal is acheived through many avenues. Our members share with each other and support each other in their businesses.

  • We believe in using our members businesses first before going outside the organization to purchase what we need and want;
  • We attend each others events, launches, grand openings and more;
  • We share our knowledge through workshops, coaching sessions and meetings;
  • We provide strength through our committees so everyone benefits;
  • We offer a platform for every member to speak and educate us all about her offerings;
  • We provide the opportunity for showcasing your offerings at the meetings showcase tables for a nominal fee;
  • We offer a website that has much traffic – a place to promote your event or sale on the event calendar;
  • A newsletter that reaches a large number of subscribers;
  • We are constantly reaching out to our community to increase the awareness of our membership and promoting their businesses; And so much more!

There is no other group like the Power Of Women Exchange!  The energy you take away will last forever!

Join us for a meeting! You will be so glad you did!

Be There and Be Seen!